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January 28th, 2014 by Thomas Leisner

Drum & Bass Sessions Day 1

In wintertime it’s good to remember the last summer sometimes. I specifically remember my sessions with Abelha Supersonica, a vocalectro live act from Berlin. With just her voice and a few little boxes she creates a superbly flowing performance.

For this project we substituted the drum parts coming from her groovebox with me playing my special fluid drumset. We intended to form a duo setup for playing drum’n’bass style music live for a special show that was planned at Magdalena, Berlin. I internally called it a “Freak Show”, as it seemed to turn out a little strange at times. We thought our sounds would fit for that. The whole thing didn’t take place in the end, but until then Abelha and I met three times and jammed live at my rehearsal studio to see what would happen.

We didn’t intend to record what we played, just picked it up the quick and dirty way to check the results afterwards, but listening to the recordings recently I liked them so much I thought I should share them.

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