Thomas Leisner

About Beauty and Bright Ideas
December 5th, 2012

Keys for Ewa Firsowicz

From 2008 to 2010 I played keyboards with Ewa Firsowicz, a singer born in Poland and living in Berlin. I joined the band that was formed to present the studio productions live on stage.

When I met the producers for the first time to think about our live presentation the first album “Songs für einen Nachmittag” had just been released, but a second album called “Das Meer” was to follow the next year. A band was put together, and my job on keyboards was to reproduce the sound design of the studio production as closely as possible. I decided to use a laptop and Midi equipment for that purpose. I worked with Logic and Mainstage in my live setup for the first CD and with Live and Kore for the second CD.

You can listen to some songs of the two albums at Ewa Firsowicz on Myspace.

To invite people to our shows we sent a newsletter by mail, including a video I had cut together using live material from the last show and promotion fotos, along with a track from CD. I was happy I still found two of those teaser video clips on the web. I had forgotten about them for quite a while.