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September 12th, 2015 by Thomas Leisner

Live Sound at Florakiezfest

For the first time I worked as a live sound technician in charge with my own equipment for a little street festival at the place where I live in Berlin, the Flora-Kiezfest 2015. Over the day we had 15 acts on stage, including four grown-up bands of different styles in the evening.

In the afternoon on stage we had everything from puppet theatre over singers and songwriters to a live radioplay. In the evening there were four bands playing worldmusic, pop, rock with strings and a ska band with complete horn seciton. I had picked two friends to help me on stage and we had hands full to do in order to manage the tight timeline of only 15 minutes to change between the bands, including line-check.

I had brought a good deal of my technical equipment at Delicious Drums Studio, including my new and excellent sounding HK Audio PA system and the good old live mixing desk we had used with Strange Fluid. I was especially happy with the gates and the parallel compression on the busses that I had implemented to the setup.

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