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November 29th, 2013 by Thomas Leisner

Lydia und Claudia

I just finished the production of a CD for folk-singers “Lydia und Claudia”. It’s their first album and it’s got a rough and fresh attitude to it, which I like very much.


The realization of this album only took three weeks of full service. We had a quick recording session to get started and decided to leave these first takes as they were, to keep the spirit of the moment. I later did some overdubs of voices, guitar and violin, but for the biggest part added virtual instruments at the computer, to get the arrangements done. Some editing was done to insert a part into the arrangement here and there. I also mixed and mastered the sound, and finally designed and manufactured the whole thing. Besides I added a short Drum’n’Bass-Remix of one of the tracks at the end of the CD.

Please note that the music is, of course, by “Lydia und Claudia”, not by myself as indicated above. This is just because we wanted a way to make the music quickly available on the net for you via my SoundCloud account.

If you like the music and you want to buy a CD, you may contact “Lydia und Claudia” directly by sending a mail to Pricing is 10 Euros plus 2 Euros shipping. The CD will be shipped to you after your payment has been received at the bank account indicated to you by mail.



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