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July 26th, 2011 by Thomas Leisner

White Sculpture

“White Sculpture” is a demo video of my girlfriend’s performance we made for the World Sculpture Festival in the Netherlands later this year.

We spent some time at my friend’s place outside Berlin and filmed this video one sunny afternoon. The next day I cut the pictures first and improvised some music on them afterwards. To me Katharina in this performance looks like an alien who just landed on planet earth and wonders what’s going on here.

So it came to my mind to use a set of sounds called “Sonic Fiction” by Jeremiah Savage. Jeremiah designed these sounds for Native Instruments Kore, so while looking at the video I played on the keyboard with one hand and turned some knobs on my Kore controller with the other to get the smooth transformations in sound you hear on the video.

In order to watch the video in fullscreen mode, click the small button in the lower right corner. Click here to visit the website of  Katharina Kröner.


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