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April 19th, 2016 by Thomas Leisner

Fairy Tales

It’s a while ago since I did this speech recording at Delicious Drums Studio, but since these fairy tales were meant to welcome refugees over here at Berlin, it’s certainly not too late to welcome them again here at my personal site.

A very engaged friend of mine over at, Andreas Gerts, had the bright idea to realize a project to welcome people from all over the world to Germany by telling german fairy tales to them and especially to their children. So we recorded a CD including ten versions of “Frau Holle”, read in ten different languages.

These were handed out as welcome gifts for people with children arriving at Berlin. We realized that project during autumn of 2015, when german media discussed the so called refugee crisis every day. I hope that it was a small contribution to making these people feel a little more at home and coming to a rest in Germany after having had a troublesome time.

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