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July 16th, 2012 by Thomas Leisner

Drumming Lessons

I offer private lessons for drums, music in general and all related topics such as technical support, advice on performance or personal development. In case you are interested, give me a call or send me a mail.

Beginner or professional, young or old, german or english, lefthand or righthand. What and how, patterns and systems, compositon and improvisation, rhythm and harmony, acoustics and electronics, live and studio:

All of that, just some of it or something completely different according to your ideas or following an individual plan. Brought to you competently by a studied, professional and experienced drummer and keyboarder. Call Thomas under 0179 8835812.

Lessons will be held at Delicious Drums Recording Studio at Berlin Wedding, close to subway station Osloer Straße, unless appointed otherwise. See here for how to get there and have a look at some pictures:

Besides lessons for drums I also offer beginner’s lessons for piano and vibraphone, and I also offer workshops, courses and private lessons on all aspects of music production. Just ask for some more details in case you’re interested.


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  1. Hi!
    I was looking for a drum lesson around wedding, and i found Delicious drum studio and your website. I would like to try a drum lesson. I used to learn drum when I was in primary school, but I would say I am absolute beginner.
    I would like to have an info about the price, and how the lesson takes place.

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